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NEVER make the mistake of seeing lighting as part of the accessories of a room or the finishing touch. It’s an integral part of your overall design plan.  Lighting is central.  It defines a room/ space. What does lighting do?

  • Function. Lighting allows the household members to carry out the various activities of their lives at different times of the day. It often replaces natural light when needed.
  • Focus. Clever use of lighting draws attention to and highlights aspects of an interior that are the most appealing or worthy attention. It also deflects attention away from less appealing areas so that they recede into the background. It should showcase particular elements of your design like color, textures, furnishings, art, architectural features.
  • Mood. Lighting sets the mood of a room or space. A well-planned lighting scheme will make a room feel more pleasing. It can make a space feel warm and welcoming, cool, cold and/ uninviting. You can create any scenario: a playful scene, a romantic one or a clinical environment with carefully chosen lighting that works with the other elements.  Wherever your lighting fixtures are placed they should accentuate and bring balance to the space.  

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