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Event Planning is an art!

Event Planning….is an art!

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Like an egg, event planning is a very fragile industry.  It is an art that always needs to be handled with care. But when it is complete the experience it evokes often leaves you breathless.  It tends to have a roller coaster effect – so dangerous, but so thrilling, you’ll do it again.  

Each event has it's own mechanism - different wheels rolling at the same time. The larger the event the more complicated it tends to be. Planning an event can be complex and time consuming.  It's extremely important to have a checklist.  Each event requires a different checklist.  Here are some fundamentals which should be included in all: 

  • Know your budget and limitations
  • Work with a timeline.  Make sure you have visualized and outlined a timeline you'll be working with.  Some events take months to pull together.  
  • Easy plan accessability.  Everyone on your team should have easy access to details regarding the event, both on and offline. 
  • Prevent miscommunication at all costs. There needs to be an 'overseer' that is fully aware and in control of the overall event.  
  • Delegate management. 
  • Keep regular updates or team meetings.  The frequency should depend on the nature, size and timeline of the event. 

Always be prepared for the unexpected.  Always have extras, a backup plan and a stress ball handy.  The more you do it, the better you'll get at it.  Don't forget, it's a roller-coaster ride.

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