We turn DREAMS into REALITY, and then some....!​ Go ahead!   Speak into the mike. Do you have a space that you need to transform...

About Us....

    We turn DREAMS into REALITY, and then some....!​
We work with a team of experts who specialize in getting the job done!  We can do it all or focus one aspect.  It's always your call.

  • Searching for and securing a venue and vendors that suit the needs of you and all of your guests
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Managing your budget and the event planning timeline
  • Designing creative decor such as centerpieces, sign-in boards, flowers, the candle display for a candle lighting ceremony, catering etc.
  • Choreographing the entire day – from start to finish
  • Overseeing operations the day and/or evening of the event          
  • Recreating any space for an event or just 'new renovations'.                                             
  • We've got a lot of experience under our belts; over 20 years and counting. It's fun for us. Clients can breathe easily throughout the planning process and on the day of their big event; or their new reveal i.e. transformation of the space. We transform any location. It's what we do. Allow us to exceed your expectations. We guarantee a most memorable experience.

It doesn't matter the size nor budget. We are transformers - office, home or event. It doesn't matter the nature of the event eg. meetings, conventions, parties, weddings, showers, ​graduations, dinner, gala, day fairs, etc... We can do small and intimate to extremely large and extravagant. We believe in customizing for your perfect fit. 

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