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Common design challenges

 Common design challenges...

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Make sure that the ranges of activities that will take place are given ample room before any work is carried out. While this may seem very technical, it may be necessary to take some measurements of the range of human movement into account when you’re designing, especially around a limited/small space, like in a living room of a small apartment.   Entrances and or exits should flow into cleared passageways.  Sometimes instead of furniture you can use shelves, or even staircases and other nooks for storage.  Clutter is confusion, so envision it first.

Space planning by making more efficient use of a given space is often one of the driving forces behind your wish to remodel an area. Always ask yourself, is it functional? Often times, older houses may need to be reorganized to accommodate modern lifestyles. For instance: growing family needs and habits may change, also you may need a change of use and focus in a home.  Think of it like a leaf.  All veins though they head off into a different direction should flow back to the main vein.

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