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HARMONY....Keep the Melody!


HARMONY....Keep the Melody!

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Have you ever heard someone sing 'off cue' really loudly? Well, that's how things will appear if there's no harmony in a given space. Melody is to music what harmony is to space. Harmony is extremely essential. A space no matter the number of different pieces or colors should always be above all - inviting..

Budget is often the most defining parameter around your design plan. We all do a certain amount of designing every day in choosing how to dress – based on personal taste and the activities we’ve planned: choosing colors that flatter, combining pieces that complement/contrast, harmonize/stand out and finally, accessorizing. Designing an interior requires similar skills and qualities.

Inspiration for new designs can come from anywhere: having a collection of magazines, clippings, personal sketches and photographs.


  • No room is seen in isolation, rather as part of the overall scheme. Aim for unison.

  • Variation between rooms is important to create interest. A dominant color in one room could be an accent color in an adjacent one. 

  • Keep connecting areas like hallways mostly in neutral colors so they will merge easily into the rooms and spaces leading off of them. Make sure each room works well and flows into the neighboring areas based on color coordination , shapes and sizes of furniture and fixtures.

For instance: choosing the same floor covering throughout each floor of a small house gives a feeling of spaciousness as well as unifying the overall design. This can also be more cost effective than using different types.


It’s good to put the color code and scheme down on paper visually. See the pieces and layout blends.  Then add or subtract accordingly.  Always start with your gut feelings.  And when you’re done, hand it over to a professional to take a look at it.  It helps to know what was your initial concept in order to make the completion look or have similar ideas to what you had in mind.


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