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  • A 3-seater sofa rarely accommodates three people comfortably. Most 3-seaters look better made with two cushions instead of three. When placing a dining table, allow enough space for people to walk around when the chairs are in use. You’ll need a minimum of 3 feet between a table and a wall for comfort.
  • In a small kitchen, use the full ceiling height for cupboards. It can be used for long term storage items and it eliminates the need to dust up there! Provide an easy and safe method of accessing the high cupboards.
  • Poufs can give extra seating in a living area without adding as much imposition as a sofa or armchair. They often allow for storage too.
  • If planning fitted wardrobes, make sure you allow enough depth for coat hangers (about 2 feet) and that rails are at a height that suit the users.

If there’s a nice view from any part of the house, make sure you allow this to be enjoyed to its maximum by anyone in the house and don’t obscure it with furniture. Also, bear in mind to direct focus there with the furniture placement.

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