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Things that may influence layout....

Things that may influence layout....
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Important factors:

  • Define the circulation pattern around the house and plan your layout to accommodate this. 
  • Place furniture and equipment so that it supports the activities and wishes of the users. 
  • Consider whether any significant lifestyle changes are predicted in the foreseeable future and check whether your plan accommodates these. 
  • Take into account the relationships among the members of the household and how the new interior will impact on their interaction and privacy. 
  • Technology changes rapidly. When integrating your customers IT wishes, always investigate what changes are predicted next and suggest allowing for the newest advances. 
  • Use mirrors when you want to create the illusion of more space in a small area. They can visually double the size of a room. If full length, don’t add base boards. If you’re placing furniture against a mirror, remember it will visually double in depth. 
  • A cupboard door that opens onto a limited area can be split into double doors so they protrude only half the depth of the full sized one. 
  • Disguise storage units by decorating to look exactly the same as the surrounding walls and give similar architectural details. 
  • If a door blocks a view or interrupts the flow of traffic, change the swing. Doors are best opening onto a wall rather than into a room.
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