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6. Add ticketing to your list of priorities….

Registration is important.  Ticketing makes the job so much easier when planning an event that exceeds the audience of a 'personal/ intimate event'.  It helps the planner to set realistic goals and put pertinent strategies in place.  Evacuation strategies are always critical.  Depending on the nature of the event, you might be clueless and or unfamiliar with the 'individual attendees'. 
You need to have more than an idea of the guest list.   There needs to be a system eg. ticketing that helps you to verify that.  Ticketing management should be assigned. Select a partner to help with sales/ distribution.  Your partner should be technologically savy. The more platforms your event is exposed to will serve to drive more traffic for your ticket sales.

Marketing has become more universal and simplified.  The more professional your marketing strategy is the more successful you’ll become. Ticketing is an effective way of controlling sales and audience. It dictates – catering, layout, audio setup, just to name a few.  Your aim is not just to ‘be magical’, but to also be profitable. Your ROI needs to make sense.

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