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5. Try to avoid last minute changes….

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Event Planning tends to have several stakeholders.  Sometimes the bigger the event, the more stakeholders involved.  Do not take anything for granted, especially if it's your first time planning.  The finesse of the event is just as important as the size of it.  Be prepared!  Collect and store as much of your resources prior to the event.  Small events tend to be more manageable. Plan ahead! Try to have at least 2-3 good vendors for each category. An emergency can happen at anytime.  Vendors are specialists. You don’t just want any and any person taking photos for a wedding. Use professionals.  Quality should always be a priority. Let them know to give you notice if or as soon as anything changes based on your agreement with them.  You need to stress this to all of your stakeholders.

Successful events are fairy tales – everything needs to be perfect as soon as the cameras start rolling.  You are the magician. Make it happen. Control the moving parts or at least be aware of what comes next in the event of an emergency. Include a withdrawal clause in every contract instructing vendors of what to do in case they change their minds about working with you on any given project.  There should be penalties for cancellation. Stay onestep ahead. This will help you to diffuse unplanned challenges as they pop up. Event setup and breakdown can be time consuming. Give yourself an extra half hour to one hour time frame to be on the safe side.

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