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4. Contracts must be specific….

4. Contracts must be specific….

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Especially if you're planning a 'one-time' event like a wedding, 'special' party, etc...; it's very important that you pay attention to details.  Don't assume you understand everything.  Sometimes different 'terms' mean different things in different industries. The more detailed information a contract contains, the less likely for misunderstandings.  
Make sure to verify or clarify the terms; meaning, that everyone involved understands or interprets the same meaning. This relates to contracts you create as well as those you review from other partners.  Ask for ‘full quotes’, especially from vendors. These should not only include estimates, but taxes and other hidden fees and contingencies.  Some services incur insurance costs. Be sure to ask about those.

Read the fine print. The sooner the better. Always ask to review the contract.  Don’t make hasty decisions. Some actions cannot be undone, and you’ll have to deal with the repercussions. It’s worth it to be meticulous in this regard.  If you're busy, hire someone to do it.  After the event is done, you don't want to still have an 'open file lingering on the table'.

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