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3. Choose a reputable venue….

3. Choose a reputable venue….

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Any space can be transformed into what you want it to become.  Everything is determined by your budget. Convenience is of uttermost importance.  Your audience should be able to get to the location easily, or alternative transportation arrangements should be made to facilitate this. 

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The easier the better. The more complicated, the more stressful. Know your guest list. Make sure it’s safe for all kinds of guests. For instance: children, elderly and disabled guests need special arrangements.  The facility may need to be ADA compliant. Bathrooms need to be in close proximity, etc…

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Venues that provide amenities like seating, catering, and lighting makes planning easier.  Always factor in insurance. Anything could go wrong. There are insurance policy packages that cater to single events. Technology might also be crucial for streaming, etc…  Checkout if the facility has WiFi access or if they’re able to facilitate it. In today’s world, everyone wants to stay connected. Never take anything for granted. Put it on your list and make sure to confirm it before as well as on the day of the event.

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